2019 Banquet

We capped off a great season this afternoon with a good year end meeting followed by a delicious meal. Thanks to Mark, Doug, Jennifer and all our executive for serving it up. Here are some photos.

Lots of hardware, pennants and prizes to give out.

5 District Pennants this year.

Setting up tables and chairs.

Kitchen crew.

Executive huddle.

Over 40 members in attendance - studying reports.

Shirley kicks off the meeting.

Andy's report.

District Pennants - Wayne, Frank, Andy Novice Triples

Andy Novice Singles

Shirley, Linda, Ros Senior Women

Wilma, Gail, Linda Novice Women

Jitney 1 6th place Ellie, Bill, Patrick

5th place Linda, Ken, Brenda

4th place Shirley, Andy, Chip

3rd place Larry, Patricia, Richard

2nd place Wilma, Sonia, Frank

Jitney 1 Champs - Gary, Linda, Wayne

Jitney 2 6th place Shirley, Maureen, Ellie

5th place Charles, Gail, Bill

4th place Phil, Wayne, Marnie

3rd place Larry, Neil, Liz

2nd place Bob, Sonia, Gary

Jitney 2 Champs Patricia, Andy, Joan

Great meal.

Les's Butter Tarts and Carrot cake for dessert.

Hay Communications Tournament 2019

It turned out to be a beautiful sunny, breezy day for our final tournament of 2019. Thanks to Hay Communications for sponsoring and all the volunteers for making it happen. Here are some photos of the day (click on the photos to enlarge them and scroll through).

Our flags are flying high.

Bowls are ready.

Teams are selected.

… and we're off with good form everywhere.

Measuring up.

Handshakes all around.

Is that Ken raking?

and Paul?

Lunch is served - thanks Mark and Ann.

It's an extra end to decide 2nd place.

5th place Peter, Anne and Larry.

4th place Tom, Frank and Neil.

3rd place Richard, John and Patrick.

2nd place Gabby, Andy and Phil.

This year's Champs - Linda, Trish and Ken.

Draw Masters Board.

After Party at the Colonial.

with Brian and Maddy G.