2018 Banquet

We had a great turnout for our annual fall meeting and banquet. The food was delicious and plentiful, thanks Mark, Ann and Les. Thanks to the executive for setting up, serving and all the volunteers who helped putting things away and cleaning up. See you all next spring.

We had lots of participation for the meeting

OLBA report from Brian - 5 District Pennants
Loretta and Shirley Womens Seniors

Frank, Wayne and Andy Mens seniors

Womens Novice Triples - Linda, Shirley and Gail

Mens Novice Triples - Andy, Frank and Frank

Womens Novice Singles - Shirley

… and her jacket

Jitney #1 Winners - Joan, Frank and Shirley

Jitney #1 Runners Up - Wayne, Ken and Dawna

Jitney #1 Third Place - Patrick and Sonia (missing Steve)

Jitney #1 Fourth Place - Bob, Wilma and Eldon

Jitney #1 Fifth Place - Loretta, John and Lynette

Jitney #2 Winners - Patrick, Ellie and Ken

Jitney #2 Runners Up - Wayne, Loretta and Andy

Jitney #2 Third Place - Shirley, Brian and Linda

Jitney #2 Fourth Place - Joan and Donna (Larry absent)

Jitney #2 - Fifth Place - Dawna and Bob (Marnie missing)

Monday Night Doubles Champions - Les and Linda

Look at that form - must be lunch

… it is

Nice dessert table

That's a wrap on 2018 - see you on the greens in 2019

2018 Hay Communications Tournament

Wow! We got it in despite a scary forecast. It was another fun tournament and our final one of 2018. Thanks to Hay Communications for sponsoring. Thanks to Draw Masters Ken and Linda. Thanks to Ann and Mark again (and Les) for a delicious lunch and treats. Thanks to all the volunteers for setting up and putting things away. Here are some photos. I will add the comments later.

All our flags are flying and maintenance crew prepping the greens

Hogs are ready

Sunrise over the trees on the deck

Sky is beautiful this morning

Swans are ready

Our turtle is ready

This is our last tourney - won't be long before this applies

Draw Master Ken has his first score card

We were finished early so here are some action shots

A happy group

I finally realized who Gaby reminds me of with his delivery
- It's Hordak of He-Man and his Universe. He could turn his
arm into a buzz saw.

Loretta adding some body English from the skip's position

Linda has really improved her delivery

the walk

Skip's perspective

Some nice deliveries

the walk

long shadows

more nice deliveries - Wilma



and Loretta

Gaby's stand

Time for lunch - where would we be without these two and Doug.
Finally a good shot of Ann and Mark.

Patrick - wow good chilly and Linda looks like she hasn't eaten for weeks

It's always a challenge getting the group shot

Linda asks George - how many fingers am I holding up?

more deliveries - Gaby

and Larry

Draw Masters Ken and Linda

Nice delivery Brenda

Eldon and Loretta chatting it up from the gallery

More deliveries

Sky looked ominous but only a few drops

We made it - what a laid back group

Spidermen Paul and George

6th place Patricia, skip Brian and Sonia

5th place Gary, skip Larry and Patrick

4th place - Gaby, skip Paul and Elizabeth

3rd place Wilma, Eldon and skip Loretta

2nd place Linda, skip George and Brenda

1st place Frank, Shirley and Andy

Draw Master's Board

If you want to have fun, launch a $5 bill into a 60 km/hour wind
and watch Larry run after it